Milken-Penn GSE EBPC Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition! All applications must be submitted by 11:59pm ET on April 20, 2021.

EBPC applicants should describe the persisting or emerging issue(s) in education that their venture addresses, present their product or service’s viable solution, and discuss scaling possibilities to demonstrate the equitable outcomes their proposed innovation can bring to support underserved communities and the broader education landscape. The EBPC encourages applications from every conceivable educational setting and in contexts anywhere across the world. For more information on application materials, visit the Apply page on our website.

NOTE: You may not save an incomplete application and return to finish or submit later. Therefore, we recommend that you review application prompts in advance and prepare your responses elsewhere before submitting the entire application all at once.

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About You

Several of the next few questions explore demographics. We are deeply committed to amplifying diverse voices and ideas through the Milken-Penn GSE EBPC and our work at Catalyst @ Penn GSE. The current education system unjustly underserves students of color and learners from disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that empowering leaders and changemakers from diverse communities is a crucial step on the journey towards dismantling systemic barriers and moving towards a more equitable education system.

Our focus on elevating innovators from diverse backgrounds requires a detailed understanding of who comprises our community of entrepreneurs. To strive towards a future in which everyone has access to the resources they need to create positive change in their communities, we want to ensure that we consider the needs of all EBPC applicants.

Please note that responses to questions in this section will not be shared with competition judges and have no impact on how your application is judged and scored.

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The EBPC is committed to supporting purpose-driven ventures and founder teams who leverage innovation to eliminate systemic inequities in education and to provide boundless opportunities for all learners and communities, particularly those who have been underserved by society.


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The video should not exceed 60 seconds in length and should be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.
Slide deck presentations should not exceed 15 slides total including title slide(s). Uploads must be in PDF format.
Uploads must be in PDF format.

***Note : Once you submit your entry, you will not be able to make changes. Please be sure your application is complete before clicking submit. Thank you!